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    HEUTE, DONNERSTAG, 26.04.2018
    5:32 KIM » KOREA »

    #UPDATE North Korean leader Kim Jong Uns sister will attend Fridays Korea summit, Seoul says Yo Jong attended the Winter Olympics in the South in February as Kims envoy.
    AFP news agency
    AFP news agency @AFP 5:32 - 26.04.2018

    3:32 GOLDEN » STATE »

    Ersze Tat vor über 40 Jahren: Polizei fasst "Golden State Killer"

    3:31 JAMES » COMEY »

    James Comey recounts his terrifying high school encounter with the "Ramsey rapist." He was a senior in high school when a serial rapist broke into his home and took he and his brother captive, an event that changed him forever.

    0:52 MACRON » TRUMP »

    President Macron believes President Trump will pull out of Iran nuclear deal "for domestic reasons," Macron says at end of U.S. visit. - @BuzzFeedNews “When people say President Trump is not predictable, I think the opposite, he is very predictable."
    Breaking News
    Breaking News @BreakingNews 0:52 - 26.04.2018