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DIENSTAG, 10.07.2018
7:47 THEY » TURNS »

They said it would be easy. They said it would be free. Turns out Brexit is difficult and costly. So the Brexiteers are quitting.
Anne Applebaum
Anne Applebaum @anneapplebaum 7:47 - 10.07.2018

SONNTAG, 08.07.2018
22:10 JAGGER » LECH »

Jagger was responding to a letter from Lech Walesa. I am not making this up
Anne Applebaum
Anne Applebaum @anneapplebaum 22:10 - 08.07.2018

MITTWOCH, 04.07.2018

Legal situation is made even weirder by the fact that the Polish president doesnt want to sign any documents to do with this himself. Presumably worried that he will eventually go to jail
Anne Applebaum
Anne Applebaum @anneapplebaum 8:40 - 04.07.2018