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DONNERSTAG, 15.02.2018
21:15 THIS »

This country wants to ban minors from using tanning salons

HEUTE, DIENSTAG, 21.08.2018
7:13 THIS » NORTH »

This is the moment a 92-year-old woman saw her son in North Korea after 68 years apart. They were separated in the Korean War. Yesterday, they reunited:


Hayley Kiyoko celebrates her VMAs win: This validates any queer woman of color

3:16 THIS » TEXAS »

This video — shown to thousands of students at a Texas high school to inform them about the dress code policy — has sparked controversy as parents and students say girls were the only ones targeted.

GESTERN, MONTAG, 20.08.2018
23:10 THIS » BEER »

This record-setting runner of a "Beer Mile" was disqualified for not drinking quite enough beer at the race

23:00 THIS » CRAZY »

This young Crazy Rich Asians fan recreated Constance Wus epic dress from the movie

21:04 THIS » DONALD »

This is an absolutely critical moment for Donald Trumps presidency | Analysis by Chris Cillizza

18:42 THIS » BRITISH »

This British overseas territory has some of the strictest abortion laws in Europe - welcome to Gibraltar
The Telegraph
The Telegraph @Telegraph 18:42 - 20.08.2018

17:30 THIS » MVP »

This baseball-playing, strike-throwing nun should be the MVP of every game

Hyperinflation... add and quitting zeros. The note on the bottom is the new currency, and its worth 200,000 of the old ones. #ThisIsVzla
stefano pozzebon
stefano pozzebon @StePozzebon 17:25 - 20.08.2018

16:35 THIS » CHICAGO »

This weekend in Chicago, at least 58 people were shot between Friday afternoon and late Sunday night. 5 of those victims died -- including two teens found dead in a field with multiple gunshot wounds

15:41 THIS »

"We are living basically on a field trip": This family has been traveling the globe by sailboat for a decade, homeschooling their children and seeing the world

14:27 STADT » WELT »

Wien ist lebenswerteste Stadt der Welt! Sozialsystem und Infrastruktur, Bildungsangebot und niedrige Kriminalität sind Ergebnis sozialdemokratischer Politik. Wir laden alle Neos-SympathisantInnen ein, ein Stück des Weges mit uns gemeinsam zu gehen 😉
SPÖ Wien
SPÖ Wien @SP_Wien 14:27 - 20.08.2018

13:45 THIS » ZEALAND »

"It put me in the best possible mood!" This New Zealand minister cycled to the hospital to give birth

11:47 THIS » IDLIB »

This is Idlib, Syrias final rebel stronghold. People here say they have no escape from an apparently imminent government onslaught


#OnThisDay 1968: Der Prager Frühling wird gewaltsam beendet. Truppen des Warschauer Pakts beginnen mit der Besetzung der Tschechoslowakei.

8:45 HOW » MARYLIN »

How did Marylin Monroe get her name? This photo reveals the story

8:00 THIS » CEO »

This female CEO had to make up a male boss to get manufacturers to take her seriously


"It put me in the best possible mood!" This New Zealand minister cycled to the hospital to give birth

4:45 THIS »

This is the secret to not getting heart disease

2:30 THIS » BUT »

This is one of the most densely populated islands in the world. But there are no police. There are no hotels. And there are no non-native residents:

SONNTAG, 19.08.2018
23:45 THIS »

This is the best workout for women

19:45 NEOS » NOT »

Neos haben sich ohne Not ins rechte Eck zur FPÖ und ÖVP manövriert. SPÖ Novak lädt alle (FPÖ kritischen) Neos SympathisantInnen ein ein Stück des Weges mit der Wiener Sozialdemokratie zu gehen ❤️
Raphael Sternfeld
Raphael Sternfeld @raphstar 19:45 - 19.08.2018

19:45 THIS » WHAT »

This is the best answer to the question: What are your salary requirements?

15:00 THIS »

This 3D-printed "gill" may allow humans to breathe underwater

13:45 THIS » BOBBY »

This is Bobby Flays number one restaurant etiquette rule he never breaks

13:00 THIS »

This is the no. 1 predictor of career success, according to science


A Nigerian radio station has been fined for broadcasting "vulgar lyrics" in "This is Nigeria," a viral cover of Childish Gambinos "This is America"

11:45 THIS »

This secret button on your airplane seat will instantly give you more space

11:30 THIS »

"This is the secret to learning a foreign language as an adult"


Fruitful festival: This village in India makes more than 90 percent of its income from pineapples. Via @ReutersTV
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 11:25 - 19.08.2018

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This factor is key to your attractiveness

#OnThisDay 1965: Im Frankfurter «Auschwitz-Prozess» beginnen die Urteilsverkündungen. Das Schwurgericht (Foto 1964) belegt sechs Angeklagte mit einer lebenslangen Haftstrafe, elf erhalten Gefängnisstrafen zwischen drei und 14 Jahren, drei werden freigesprochen.

9:25 THIS » INDIA »

This village in India makes more than 90 percent of its income from pineapples and encourages the locals to farm the fruit as part of a festival.
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 9:25 - 19.08.2018

9:00 TODAY’S » WORLD »

Today’s World Humanitarian Day reminds us that civilians & aid workers are #NotATarget. Austria works for a better implementation of International Humanitarian Law & to end impunity for violators. This is also a priority of the Austrian EU Presidency #eu2018at. @UNOCHA
MFA Austria
MFA Austria @MFA_Austria 9:00 - 19.08.2018

8:42 THIS » KENYAS »

This is Kenyas last pocket of tropical rainforest. Once part of a rainforest that stretched across central Africa, Kakamega Forest now covers less than 100 square miles

8:15 THIS »

This is what you should do if youre trapped in quicksand


Pineapples turn over. This village in India encourages locals to try pineapple farming. Via @ReutersTV
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 2:26 - 19.08.2018


Simon Heffer: This government is leaving rural voters prey to violent criminals
The Telegraph
The Telegraph @Telegraph 1:48 - 19.08.2018

SAMSTAG, 18.08.2018
22:30 THIS »

This simple trick will make you happier and better at your job

22:00 THIS » SANTA »

This beach is a slice of calm in Santa Barbara

18:15 THIS »

This company has the best pay and benefits, according to employees

15:15 THIS »

This is when babies should start sleeping on their own

14:30 THIS »

This is what happens to half-used hotel room soap

14:23 ICMYI » THIS »

ICMYI: This village in India encourages fruitful farming and for locals to pick up planting pineapples.
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 14:23 - 18.08.2018

14:15 THIS »

This travel hack will let you transport your favorite beverage through airport security