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MONTAG, 16.04.2018
4:44 FORMER » FBI »

Former FBI director James Comey calls Trumps claim that his inauguration crowd was bigger than Obamas "a lie"

HEUTE, DIENSTAG, 17.07.2018

"This was the day an American president stood on foreign soil next to a murderous lying thug and refused to back his own country. Patriots need to stand up and reject the behavior of this president." -Former FBI Director James Comey on Trump-Putin summit

GESTERN, MONTAG, 16.07.2018
18:34 FORMER » CIA »

Former CIA Director John Brennan says President Trumps comments in his news conference with Putin were "nothing short of treasonous."
CNN Breaking News
CNN Breaking News @cnnbrk 18:34 - 16.07.2018

18:26 FORMER » CIA »

Former CIA Director John Brennan tweeted a strongly worded reaction to President Trumps news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying it "was nothing short of treasonous."


BREAKING: Obamas former CIA director says Trumps press conference with Putin is nothing short of treasonous
The Spectator Index
The Spectator Index @spectatorindex 17:59 - 16.07.2018

FREITAG, 13.07.2018
17:32 FORMER » FBI »

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page is heading to Congress to provide closed-door testimony about the texts critical of Donald Trump that she exchanged with her FBI agent lover Peter Strzok during the 2016 presidential campaign
AFP news agency
AFP news agency @AFP 17:32 - 13.07.2018

DONNERSTAG, 12.07.2018
12:26 DONALD » TRUMP »

Wie kann Deutschland Donald Trump überstehen? Der frühere FBI-Chef James Comey blickt zuversichtlich auf die Entwicklungen in den USA. Woher er diesen Optimismus nimmt, erzählt er im Videointerview. #FragederZEIT (red)
DIE ZEIT @DIEZEIT 12:26 - 12.07.2018

3:03 FORMER » GEN »

Former Gen. Michael Flynn has joined a consulting firm as he awaits sentencing after pleading guilty to lying to the FBI, according to a statement from the firm

DIENSTAG, 10.07.2018
23:16 FORMER » GEN »

Former Gen. Michael Flynn has joined a consulting firm as he awaits sentencing after pleading guilty to lying to the FBI, according to a statement from the firm

MONTAG, 09.07.2018
22:23 FORMER » FBI »

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page has been subpoenaed for a closed-door interview this week with the House Judiciary and Oversight committees, sources say


Rudy Giuliani seems to say President Trump asked former FBI Director James Comey to give ex-White House national security adviser Michael Flynn "a break"

DONNERSTAG, 28.06.2018
3:15 FORMER » FOX »

Former Fox News executive Bill Shine has accepted a senior position in President Trumps administration. His road to the White House went through Sean Hannity.

MITTWOCH, 27.06.2018

America’s largest nail plant says it lost 50% of its business after Trump’s steel tariffs. Mid-Continent Nail Corporation spokesman James Glassman says the company could move to Mexico or go out of business.

DIENSTAG, 26.06.2018

Former President George HW Bush met with former President Bill Clinton and congratulated him on the publication of his novel, written with author James Patterson. Bush commemorated the occasion by wearing a pair of socks with Clintons face on them.

FREITAG, 22.06.2018
17:59 JAMES » COMEY »

James Comey: The Queen will not get a word in edgeways when she meets Donald Trump
The Telegraph
The Telegraph @Telegraph 17:59 - 22.06.2018

14:08 FBI » DIREKTOR »

Ex-FBI-Direktor James Comey über seinen alten Job, Journalist Ulrich Kienzle über die anstehende Wahl in der Türkei und das Abenteurerpaar Lena Wendt und Ulrich Stirnat über seine zweijährige Reise durch den Westen Afrikas - spannende Themen bei #Lanz!

#SputnikInterview Ex-FBI-Chef Comey über „Russia-Gate“: „Putin hasst Hillary Clinton“
Sputnik Deutschland
Sputnik Deutschland @de_sputnik 9:40 - 22.06.2018

DONNERSTAG, 21.06.2018
18:17 JAMES » FBI »

James @Comey war #FBI-Direktor mit einem strengen Sinn für die Integrität seiner Behörde - bis ihn Donald Trump feuerte. Im Gespräch mit @matikolb über das Danach
Süddeutsche Zeitung
Süddeutsche Zeitung @SZ 18:17 - 21.06.2018

16:25 JAMES » COMEY »

James Comey im Gespräch mit @matikolb über #Trump : "Kein US-Präsident regiert lange genug, um unsere Institutionen zu zerstören"
Süddeutsche Zeitung
Süddeutsche Zeitung @SZ 16:25 - 21.06.2018

10:55 FBI » DIREKTOR »

Der frühere FBI-Direktor James #Comey stellte in Berlin sein Buch „Größer als das Amt“ vor. Darin hat er einige Geschichten über Präsident #Trump zu erzählen.
taz @tazgezwitscher 10:55 - 21.06.2018

MITTWOCH, 20.06.2018

"Ich schäme mich für die Republikaner"@matikolb über den Deutschland-Auftritt des ehemaligen FBI-Chefs James Comey.
Süddeutsche Zeitung
Süddeutsche Zeitung @SZ 0:48 - 20.06.2018

DIENSTAG, 19.06.2018
21:35 TRUMP“ » JAMES »

„In some weird way, I think we‘ve needed Trump.“ James Comey taking a historical perspective on President Donald Trump. (red) You can find a livestream of the conversation here
DIE ZEIT @DIEZEIT 21:35 - 19.06.2018

„Ich brauche Loyalität. Ich erwarte Loyalität.“ Donald Trump zu James Comey im Januar 2017. Die Unterhaltung zwischen James Comey und Holger Stark können Sie in unserem Facebook-Livestream verfolgen (red)
DIE ZEIT @DIEZEIT 21:00 - 19.06.2018

20:52 I’VE » WHICH »

“I think I’ve just ended any chance of having a normal relationship with the President. Which is not a bad thing.” Do you want to know after which meeting James Comey wrote these lines in a memo? Check out our Facebook livestream (red)
DIE ZEIT @DIEZEIT 20:52 - 19.06.2018

20:40 HOLGER » STARK »

In conversation with Holger Stark James Comey commented on this tweet: “It shows me that she still didn’t get what our investigation was about. It was not about using a private email server but talking about classified information on a private email server.” (red)
DIE ZEIT @DIEZEIT 20:40 - 19.06.2018

20:13 LIVE » BERLIN »

Live aus Berlin – Ex-FBI-Chef James Comey im Gespräch mit Holger Stark, dem Leiter des Ressorts Investigativ der ZEIT:
ZEIT ONLINE @zeitonline 20:13 - 19.06.2018

19:46 GLEICH » FBI »

Gleich geht es los: Ex-FBI-Direktor James Comey stellt im Gespräch mit Holger Stark, Leiter Ressort Investigativ der ZEIT, sein neues Buch »Größer als das Amt« vor. Das Gespräch können Sie ab 20 Uhr live auf der Facebook-Seite DIE ZEIT verfolgen (red)
DIE ZEIT @DIEZEIT 19:46 - 19.06.2018


Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said its getting "harder and harder to believe" that Trump did not know about any of the contacts between his campaign and Russians that took place over the course of the 2016 presidential campaign


"Why so many meetings with the Russians? The Russians are our adversaries." Former DNI James Clapper reacts to former Trump operative Roger Stones 2016 meeting with a Russian who wanted $2 million in exchange for "dirt" on Clinton

SAMSTAG, 16.06.2018
20:00 TRUMP » FBI »

President Trump says the IG report "totally destroys" ex-FBI Director James Comey as he continues to try to capitalize on the Justice Departments internal watchdog report on the departments handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe

FREITAG, 15.06.2018
23:31 TRUMPS » DOJ »

Trumps attorneys, armed with the DOJ IGs report excoriating former FBI Director James Comey, now believe they can challenge any effort by the special counsel to pursue a subpoena seeking the Presidents testimony on obstruction of justice, sources say

18:48 TRUMP » FBIS »

The report Trump was referring to actually determined the FBIs handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe was not motivated by politics, but said former FBI Director James Comey was "insubordinate"

16:20 KEINE » FBI »

Keine FBI-Verschwörung: Comey in Clinton-Affäre nicht politisch motiviert


#BREAKING Trump says watchdog report total disaster for FBI and Comey
AFP news agency
AFP news agency @AFP 13:03 - 15.06.2018


Heres why the Inspector Generals report was such a blow to James Comey