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DIENSTAG, 17.04.2018

As Israel prepares for its Independence Day celebrations, @RinatHarash visits a restored dovecot marking the role pigeons played in vital battlefield communications during the 1948 war
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 23:02 - 17.04.2018

DONNERSTAG, 19.04.2018

Mourning Arabs fly Palestinian flags as Israel marks Independence Day
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 21:20 - 19.04.2018


Getting ready for an Independence Day Flyover! #Austria #Israel70
Martin Weiss
Martin Weiss @martinoweiss 10:15 - 19.04.2018

DIENSTAG, 17.04.2018
15:00 AUSTRIAN » AIR »

The Austrian Air Force will be participating in Israels Independence Day Flyby, operating C-130 aircraft. In preparation for their arrival, Maj. Gen. Karl Gruber, Commander of the Austrian Air Force, has a special message
Israeli Air Force
Israeli Air Force @IAFsite 15:00 - 17.04.2018

SAMSTAG, 31.03.2018

Bildgewaltige Fortsetzung von #RolandEmmerichs Welthit: Jeff Goldblum kĂ€mpft erneut gegen Aliens đŸ‘œ. Mit #LiamHemsworth und #JessieUsher rettet er die Menschheit - erneut! Deutschsprachige Free-TV-Premiere "Independence Day 2", 20.15h, #ORFeins.

DONNERSTAG, 01.03.2018
7:05 SOUTH » KOREA »

South Korea president says Japan cannot declare issue of former wartime sex slaves "over". Activists in Seoul protest against 1910-1945 Japanese colonial rule on Independence Movement Day.
AFP news agency
AFP news agency @AFP 7:05 - 01.03.2018