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FREITAG, 18.05.2018
18:22 ITALYS »

Italys populists declare they want to kick out half a million migrants as they edge towards forming new government
The Telegraph
The Telegraph @Telegraph 18:22 - 18.05.2018

HEUTE, SONNTAG, 27.05.2018
18:08 ITALYS »

Italys president summons PM-designate, may open way for government
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 18:08 - 27.05.2018

12:55 DOOM » ITALYS »

Doom loop the other way round: 5y default probability of #Italys banks jumps as credit risk of #Italy keeps rising. Italian banks are the biggest creditors of Italy. Intesa holds €81.4bn in Italy govt bonds, UniCredit €54bn.
Holger Zschaepitz
Holger Zschaepitz @Schuldensuehner 12:55 - 27.05.2018

0:40 ITALYS »

Italys PM-designate still stymied over economy minister pick
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 0:40 - 27.05.2018

GESTERN, SAMSTAG, 26.05.2018
20:40 ITALYS »

Italys PM-designate still stymied over economy minister pick
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 20:40 - 26.05.2018

17:10 ITALYS »

Italys PM-designate still stymied over economy minister pick
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 17:10 - 26.05.2018

15:11 WHO » PAOLO »

Who is Paolo Savona, the eurosceptic at the heart of Italys political standoff? President Sergio Mattarella is refusing to approve Savona -- the coalitions choice for economy minister -- for fear it will isolate Italy within Europe
AFP news agency
AFP news agency @AFP 15:11 - 26.05.2018

FREITAG, 25.05.2018
18:39 ITALYS » CONTE »

Italys Conte struggles to form team; markets tumble
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 18:39 - 25.05.2018

DONNERSTAG, 24.05.2018

Worlds bankers awaken to full horror of Italys parallel currency
The Telegraph
The Telegraph @Telegraph 18:42 - 24.05.2018


Junckers torture tools are useless against Italys well-armed uprising, writes Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
The Telegraph
The Telegraph @Telegraph 11:54 - 24.05.2018


Daily Briefing: - Italys president green-lights Giuseppe Conte for PM role - Weak euro zone data challenges ECB stimulus withdrawal plans - World stocks on back foot, U.S. launches probe into auto imports
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 10:46 - 24.05.2018

8:46 ECB » ITALYS »

The #ECB is preparing for a standoff with Italys populist government. Central bank would intervene only if single currency at risk.
Holger Zschaepitz
Holger Zschaepitz @Schuldensuehner 8:46 - 24.05.2018

8:00 ITALYS »

"Italys swing to the populist fringe is profoundly symbolic and deeply disturbing for the E.U."

MITTWOCH, 23.05.2018
22:38 EURO » ITALYS »

Euro drops below $1.17 as #Italys President names Conte as the new PM. Conte now must submit a list of ministers, Euro sceptic and Germany critic Savona a risk to be econ minister.
Holger Zschaepitz
Holger Zschaepitz @Schuldensuehner 22:38 - 23.05.2018


#BREAKING Guiseppe Conte says he wants to "confirm Italys place" in Europe and the world
AFP news agency
AFP news agency @AFP 19:46 - 23.05.2018

19:37 ITALYS » CONTE »

#Italys President asks Conte to form a government in a challenge to Europe.
Holger Zschaepitz
Holger Zschaepitz @Schuldensuehner 19:37 - 23.05.2018

19:16 KEEP » BANK »

Keep an eye on Bank of #Italy’s balance sheet for any indication of stress, Jefferies says. If #Italexit risks were to rise, then it will be important whether amount of liquidity provided to Italian banks rises from curr €250bn. Key also commercial bank deposits & T2 liabilities
Holger Zschaepitz
Holger Zschaepitz @Schuldensuehner 19:16 - 23.05.2018

16:30 ITALYS » CONTE »

Italys Conte remains League, 5-Star candidate for prime minister: Di Maio
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 16:30 - 23.05.2018

15:37 LOL » ITALYS »

LOL! #Italys President does not appreciate economists who are Anti-Euro and Anti-EU, Reuters reports.
Holger Zschaepitz
Holger Zschaepitz @Schuldensuehner 15:37 - 23.05.2018


#UPDATE Italys president summons Giuseppe Conte as he prepares to announce whether he will appoint the little-known lawyer to lead a government formed by far-right and anti-establishment groups
AFP news agency
AFP news agency @AFP 13:52 - 23.05.2018


Daily Briefing: - Frances Macron prepares for Moscow visit - Question marks over Italys PM candidate - UK ministers to update parliament on #Brexit negotiations
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 10:42 - 23.05.2018

DIENSTAG, 22.05.2018
19:10 ITALYS » STAR »

Italys 5-Star defends academic record of prime minister candidate
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 19:10 - 22.05.2018

18:22 ITALYS » FIVE »

Italys Five Star party forced to defend pick for prime minister as questions raised over CV
The Telegraph
The Telegraph @Telegraph 18:22 - 22.05.2018

15:01 EVEN » ITALIAN »

Even after recent sell-off, mkts remain complacent about Italian pol risk, Goldman says: #Italys public finances vulnerable, stability rests heavily on willingness & ability of European institutions to maintain integrity of Euro area, as embodied in Draghis "whatever it takes".
Holger Zschaepitz
Holger Zschaepitz @Schuldensuehner 15:01 - 22.05.2018

14:51 ITALYS » STAR »

Italys 5-Star defends academic record of prime minister candidate
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 14:51 - 22.05.2018


Giuseppe Conte -proposed ed by League and Five Stars to the Head of State as Prime Minister - have lied about his experiences at New York University in his CV. #ContePremier Italy’s Populists Move Closer to Power, With Little-Known Pick for Prime Minister
Giovanni Schiano🇪🇺
Giovanni Schiano🇪🇺 @GiovaSchiano 13:49 - 22.05.2018


Italys president is tasked with deciding whether to approve little-known lawyer Giuseppe Conte as prime minister of a coalition government set up by anti-establishment and far-right groups
AFP news agency
AFP news agency @AFP 13:05 - 22.05.2018

12:00 ITALYS »

Italys insurgents defiant as bond spreads surge and EU threats build
The Telegraph
The Telegraph @Telegraph 12:00 - 22.05.2018


Asia stock mkts stumble in holiday-hit trading session on Buddhas Birthday. #Oil rises as Venezuela sanctions stoke crude supply risk concern. Dollar almost unchg after ydays rise. Italy situation calms a bit as Italys President could pick new PM Weds or Thurs.
Holger Zschaepitz
Holger Zschaepitz @Schuldensuehner 8:28 - 22.05.2018

MONTAG, 21.05.2018

#UPDATE Little-known lawyer Giuseppe Conte is proposed as prime minister of Italys nascent populist coalition government
AFP news agency
AFP news agency @AFP 21:16 - 21.05.2018

21:00 ITALYS » STAR »

Italys 5-Star and League propose law professor as premier
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 21:00 - 21.05.2018

18:16 JUST » ITALYS »

JUST IN: Italys 5-Star leader Di Maio says law professor Conte should be named prime minister
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 18:16 - 21.05.2018

16:10 ITALYS » STAR »

Italys 5-Star, League seek presidents backing on PM
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 16:10 - 21.05.2018

15:14 ITALYS » FITCH »

The coalition policy agreement of #Italys two most populist and eurosceptic parties increases risks to the countrys sovereign credit profile, notably through fiscal loosening and potential damage to confidence, Fitch says.
Holger Zschaepitz
Holger Zschaepitz @Schuldensuehner 15:14 - 21.05.2018

13:09 HOW » ITALYS »

How #Italys Mini-BOTs could become a parallel currency and split the Euro.
Holger Zschaepitz
Holger Zschaepitz @Schuldensuehner 13:09 - 21.05.2018

11:50 ITALYS » STAR »

Italys 5-Star, League to seek presidents backing on government, PM
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 11:50 - 21.05.2018

SONNTAG, 20.05.2018

#Italys populists seek new Premier amid Euro warning from #France. League-Five Star hookup shouldn’t risk stability, French FinMin Le Maire says. Coalition pact roiled Italian bonds last week but contagion limited so far.
Holger Zschaepitz
Holger Zschaepitz @Schuldensuehner 16:36 - 20.05.2018

SAMSTAG, 19.05.2018

Markets vs People? #Italys League gives whole country a chance to vote on coalition program as risk spread over Germany hit fresh 2018 high.
Holger Zschaepitz
Holger Zschaepitz @Schuldensuehner 8:54 - 19.05.2018

FREITAG, 18.05.2018
21:28 MEET » MINI »

Meet Mini-BOT: #Italys New Parallel Currency Plan.
Holger Zschaepitz
Holger Zschaepitz @Schuldensuehner 21:28 - 18.05.2018

20:00 FIVE » ITALYS »

Five things to know about Italys unlikely populist party pact