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FREITAG, 18.05.2018
18:45 EXPLORE » GDPR »

Explore an interesting interview with @doctorow about the handling of personal data and the changes in the future as the implementation of #GDPR approaches.
Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters @thomsonreuters 18:45 - 18.05.2018

HEUTE, SAMSTAG, 26.05.2018
3:00 GDPR » LEARN »

.@Reuters #tech correspondent @sal19 describes #GDPR as "the biggest shake-up in the history of the internet when it comes to data #privacy." Learn more about the impact of GDPR on its inaugural date:
Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters @thomsonreuters 3:00 - 26.05.2018

1:30 CFO » COO »

.@jpblincoe, #crypto advocate and former CFO and COO of @Coinapult, shares his insight on #blockchain technology, data #privacy, and newly implemented #GDPR.
Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters @thomsonreuters 1:30 - 26.05.2018

GESTERN, FREITAG, 25.05.2018
23:55 AUSTRIAN » MAX »

Austrian lawyer Max Schrems spent much of his 20s suing Facebook. Hes now gearing up for another battle using the EUs strict new GDPR data law via @ReutersTV
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 23:55 - 25.05.2018

23:48 GDPR »

EU privacy law heralds new era in online data protection #GDPR
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 23:48 - 25.05.2018

22:52 GENIUS » GDPR »

Genius-#GDPR-Playlist at @Spotify #dsgvo
Gerold Riedmann
Gerold Riedmann @gerold_rie 22:52 - 25.05.2018

21:30 HELEN » DIXON »

Helen Dixon, @DPCIreland, discusses #GDPR, what data controllers and processors need to keep in mind under GDPR, and how her office responds to criticism about its regulation of Facebook in Ireland.
Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters @thomsonreuters 21:30 - 25.05.2018

Datenschutzverordnung: Wie @maxschrems jetzt gegen Facebook und Google kämpft: #dsgvo #gdpr
PULS 4 News
PULS 4 News @puls4news 21:00 - 25.05.2018

20:45 WHEN » GDPR »

When it comes to GDPR, all of these emails are totally unnecessary
The Telegraph
The Telegraph @Telegraph 20:45 - 25.05.2018

19:59 GDPR »

GDPR chaos as churches stop prayer requests and charities prepare to halt meals on wheels
The Telegraph
The Telegraph @Telegraph 19:59 - 25.05.2018

19:45 LEARN » GDPR »

In the future, data #privacy will not just be about compliance but instead a set of behaviors embraced by businesses and individuals. Learn more about data privacy and how to prepare for the implementation of #GDPR here:
Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters @thomsonreuters 19:45 - 25.05.2018

18:47 EUS » GENERAL »

EUs General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect #GDPR
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 18:47 - 25.05.2018


.@BenedictEvans of @a16z share insights on #cryptocurrency, data #privacy, and the role of ethics in programming #AI. #GDPR
Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters @thomsonreuters 18:30 - 25.05.2018

Der österreichische Datenschutzaktivist Max Schrems hat auf Basis der neuen Datenschutzgrundverordnung Beschwerde gegen @facebook, @Google , @WhatsApp und @instagram eingereicht – und das gleich in vier #EU-Ländern, in denen die #DSGVO (englisch #GDPR) gilt.

17:32 THIS » GDPR »

This is hilarious! @Spotify has a I <3 GDPR playlist! The track names are amazing!
Rishabh Mehrotra
Rishabh Mehrotra @erishabh 17:32 - 25.05.2018

16:45 HEAR » ANGELA »

Hear from @EYnews #privacy experts Angela Saverice-Rohan and Andrew Heaton about #GDPR, data residency and shared services, steps to evolve one’s data privacy policies, and more.
Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters @thomsonreuters 16:45 - 25.05.2018


As GDPR overhauls data protection laws in the European Union, an Austrian data privacy activist takes aim at forced consent #GDPRday
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 16:32 - 25.05.2018

16:19 DATA » THATS »

"Data protection hasnt been sexy in the past. Thats changing. Now, theres the big bang of fines & data protection is now at the CEO level." Andrea Jelinek, #EDPB Chair Meet Europes new chief regulator of #DataPrivacy: #GDPR #AustriansAbroad @EU_EDPS
Embassy of Austria
Embassy of Austria @AustriainUSA 16:19 - 25.05.2018

15:30 GDPR » LEARN »

Is your business ready for #GDPR? Learn what to do now that the implementation date has arrived from @Ciscos @mdennedy.
Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters @thomsonreuters 15:30 - 25.05.2018


Austrian date activist says take-it-or-leave-it approach violates people’s right under GDPR to choose freely whether to allow companies to use their data. #GDPRday
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 14:31 - 25.05.2018


.@mjsq interviews @Buttarelli_G about his role as the @EU_EDPS, Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, #GDPR, and the ePrivacy Regulation:
Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters @thomsonreuters 14:00 - 25.05.2018


#DSGVO was Unternehmen jetzt beachten müssen auf: @VeraJourova #GDPR #GDPR25MAY #EUandMe
EU-Kommission Wien
EU-Kommission Wien @EUKommWien 13:46 - 25.05.2018

13:46 GDPR »

#GDPR: New EU data privacy rule explained via @ReutersTV
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 13:46 - 25.05.2018

#DSGVO heißt: ✅Recht auf Widerspruch ✅Recht auf klare Kommunikation ✅Recht auf Auskunft ✅Recht auf Berichtigung ✅Recht auf vergessen werden einfach erklärt ➡️ @VeraJourova #GDPR #GDPR25MAY #EUandMe
EU-Kommission Wien
EU-Kommission Wien @EUKommWien 12:59 - 25.05.2018

12:40 GDPR » EUROPE »

GDPR laws come into force today in Europe. Why so many emails and what does it really mean? #GDPRday Via @ReutersTV
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 12:40 - 25.05.2018

12:32 TWITTER’S » GDPR »

Twitter’s privacy settings pop up has to be the shining example of the #GDPR making my life a bit better: Clear information and easy opt out. Also had fun exporting my data at Vodafone just to take a peek. I feel more in control 👍
Christopher Clay
Christopher Clay @c3o 12:32 - 25.05.2018

12:31 GDPR » GDPRDAY »

GDPR comes into force today and this activist is already on the case asserting the additional rights it gives people over the data that companies want to collect. #GDPRday
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 12:31 - 25.05.2018

12:25 GDPR » HOW »

GDPR: How to demand all the data companies know about you
The Telegraph
The Telegraph @Telegraph 12:25 - 25.05.2018


Consumers could still get GDPR emails after the deadline, information watchdog suggests
The Telegraph
The Telegraph @Telegraph 11:38 - 25.05.2018


Facebook, Google, Whatsapp and Instagram are facing lawsuits for failing to comply with GDPR, Europes sweeping new data protection law


Daily Briefing: - Europes GDPR rule comes into effect - World stocks set for second week of losses - Irelands referendum on whether to legalise abortion
Reuters Top News
Reuters Top News @Reuters 10:48 - 25.05.2018

10:30 GDPR » EUROPES »

The GDPR is the latest example of Europes caution on privacy rights. That outlook has a disturbing history


Blackout hits major websites as GDPR deadline chaos strikes
The Telegraph
The Telegraph @Telegraph 10:06 - 25.05.2018

10:00 NOW » GDPR »

2018 is a watershed year for the international conversation on privacy and transparency. Now that #GDPR has arrived, take a moment to learn from industry experts about the complexities of the EU regulation and future of #dataprivacy.
Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters @thomsonreuters 10:00 - 25.05.2018


Die @latimes macht es sich einfach. Und sperrt ganz Europa per Geoblocking aus. Datenschutz sei Dank. #gdpr #dsgvo
Gerold Riedmann
Gerold Riedmann @gerold_rie 9:27 - 25.05.2018

8:09 GDPR »

sure? #gdpr
Christian Passin
Christian Passin @karntna_bua 8:09 - 25.05.2018

8:08 DSGVO » GDPR »

spannend... in meiner internationalen und europäischen timeline ist #dsgvo #gdpr fast kein thema... nur in 🇦🇹 und 🇩🇪 panik...
Christian Passin
Christian Passin @karntna_bua 8:08 - 25.05.2018

7:57 GDPR »

GDPR fraudsters con people out of thousands with wave of phishing emails
The Telegraph
The Telegraph @Telegraph 7:57 - 25.05.2018

6:50 GOOD » GDPR »

Good morning on GDPR day from #Germany where big data market to rise to €3.7bn by 2020 up from €2.2bn in 2017 despite all data regulation. Tough new EU privacy laws take effect today. Will have a big impact on global firms.
Holger Zschaepitz
Holger Zschaepitz @Schuldensuehner 6:50 - 25.05.2018

6:09 BBC » GDPR »

na dann... #bbc says dont panic.. #gdpr #dsgvo
Christian Passin
Christian Passin @karntna_bua 6:09 - 25.05.2018

6:07 GDPR » DONT »

GDPR: Dont panic! data watchdog tells firms
BBC News (UK)
BBC News (UK) @BBCNews 6:07 - 25.05.2018

6:03 DSGVO » GDPR »

woooow... trotz #dsgvo gibts noch facebook, twitter, e-mails & co... cute this brave new data world so far... #gdpr
Christian Passin
Christian Passin @karntna_bua 6:03 - 25.05.2018


Hear Michael Morgan from @McDermottLaw and @VivienneArtz discuss the challenges US organizations face with #GDPR compliance initiatives as the implementation date is on the horizon.
Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters @thomsonreuters 2:30 - 25.05.2018


And so it begins. Fetching, for example, the website of US newspaper Arizona Daily Star [ ] from Europe results in a 403 Forbidden error, blaming #GDPR
The Register
The Register @TheRegister 0:47 - 25.05.2018


This is it. Today, our EU #DataProtection rules enter into application, putting the Europeans back in control of their data. Europe asserts its digital sovereignty and gets ready for the digital age. Read our statement → #GDPR
European Commission 🇪🇺
European Commission 🇪🇺 @EU_Commission 0:00 - 25.05.2018

DONNERSTAG, 24.05.2018
22:00 GDPR » PRIVACY »

2018 is a watershed year for the international conversation on #privacy and transparency. As the #GDPR implementation date approaches take a moment to explore the complexities of the EU regulation and future of #dataprivacy.
Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters @thomsonreuters 22:00 - 24.05.2018