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GESTERN, MONTAG, 24.09.2018

#MandelaPeaceSummit: Austria firmly believes that global peace can only be achieved by respecting #HumanRights, through sustainable development, disarmament and effective multilateral cooperation. (1/2)
A. Van der Bellen
A. Van der Bellen @vanderbellen 17:25 - 24.09.2018


(2/2) The legacy of Nelson Mandela, his achievements and sacrifices for humanity should serve as an inspiration and encouragement for all of us to strive for a better and more peaceful world. (vdb)
A. Van der Bellen
A. Van der Bellen @vanderbellen 15:56 - 24.09.2018

15:55 ONE » UNGA73 »

One day before the start of the general debate of the #UNGA73 we come together to honour an extraordinary man, who dedicated his entire life to achieving global peace. Today, we pay tribute to Nelson #Mandela. (1/2)
A. Van der Bellen
A. Van der Bellen @vanderbellen 15:55 - 24.09.2018

DONNERSTAG, 13.09.2018

Nelson Mandela declined to meet Jeremy Corbyns anti-apartheid movement, book reveals
The Telegraph
The Telegraph @Telegraph 0:31 - 13.09.2018

MONTAG, 27.08.2018
7:54 PROMI » BIG »

"Promi Big Brother", Tag 9: Die Last mit Alphonso: "Du bist immer so schlau, das packe ich nicht" Nicole ist raus. Aber es gibt wirklich Wichtigeres. Zumindest für Alphonso. Er will in die Fußstapfen von Nelson Mandela treten. Mindestens. Sonst noch: S...
stern @sternde 7:54 - 27.08.2018