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MITTWOCH, 14.11.2018

Amb @WaldnerWolfgang highlighted the importance of bringing experts from 🇦🇹&🇺🇸 together in order to address the ever increasing problem of the so-called skills-gap among the #workforce. #StrongerTogether #ATUS180
Embassy of Austria
Embassy of Austria @AustriainUSA 23:34 - 14.11.2018

23:32 YTD » AUSTRIA »

Ytd, a group of high-level experts from #Austria and the #UnitedStates, who work in federal and local governments, Congress and universities, discussed the future of public #workforce programs. #StrongerTogether #ATUS180
Embassy of Austria
Embassy of Austria @AustriainUSA 23:32 - 14.11.2018

MONTAG, 22.10.2018
18:18 YTD » SALZBURG »

Ytd, 4.000 "schützen" (riflemen), vivandières, marching bands & flag bearers from #Salzburg paraded in #Vienna celebrating the centenary of the founding of the Republic of Austria. 🎁 #oe100 #MondayMotivation #austriantradition #euculturalheritage
Embassy of Austria
Embassy of Austria @AustriainUSA 18:18 - 22.10.2018

SAMSTAG, 20.10.2018

A very warm welcome to the Rainbow-capital of Austria to the delegates of @RainbowRose_PES Hoster Box @soho_or_at. We are #StrongerTogether ✊🌈
Andrea Brunner
Andrea Brunner @AndreaBrunner2 10:34 - 20.10.2018